What we do

Socrates Greek School focusses on Reading, Writing, Communication skills, along with learning about Greek culture and history.  Students participate in traditional Greek Dancing and have performances throughout the school year to celebrate or commemorate important Greek historic events. The Greek School student resources we use are leveled books by Theodore C. Papaloizos, as well as resources titled Margarita (leveled online resources for students learning Greek abroad).

Along with their leveled book that teaches the alphabet, sounds, Greek phonemic awareness and basic vocabulary and commonly used words, students focus on these basic skills and thematic units:

  • greetings and introductions
  • how to ask to use thing (eg. the bathroom)
  • games in Greek that include: what is this? It is a…..
  • basic vocabulary (eg. colours, days of the week, animals, describing what is in a home etc..)
  • about Greek holidays, traditions, dance and food
  • all about their own family and the phrases and words associated
  • the weather
  • and as their vocabulary increases, the older kids learn about history, mythology (the Olympian Gods), and the geography of Greece